We manufacture quality products that provide
value and facilitate the housekeeping of your hotel.

We manufacture quality products that add value and facilitate the housekeeping of your hotel.

Our commitment to quality

Sustainability and health care are values that drive our commitment, which is why our entire textile production is free of harmful substances.

We use effective production processes to obtain quality products. Honesty and transparency are fundamental in our company.

We have a responsibility to the environment, which is why we can certify the minimum environmental impact of our production processes.

Vacuum rolled mattresses

Our vacuum rolled mattress service has numerous advantages, both for our customers and for the planet.

Our mattresses are pressed and rolled up to three times their size using special machinery and without reducing the quality of the materials.

Simply put, the more mattresses fit on a lorry, the less frequent and more efficient it will be to transport them.

Shipping in cardboard boxes reduces plastic consumption and the savings in transport help to reduce pollutant emissions.

In addition to preventing damage to the mattress during handling, the roll-up makes it easy to access any room and easy to store.

The vacuum and rolling process is carried out in our facilities automatically thanks to the latest in robotic technology.

In processes where product handling is necessary, we have robotic tools that help and take care of our employees every day.

Highest quality materials for long-lasting mattresses.

The independent pocket spring technology manufactured by KHAMA Hotel, which we call Multispring, is the best option to equip your hotels. It provides mattresses with a strong, safe and durable support that is breathable and highly adaptable to the sleeper’s body.

To improve edge support and further increase its strength and durability, we have replaced the polyurethane foam frame with a perimeter of high firmness reinforced pocket springs. Furthermore, by eliminating foam, we contribute to improving the recyclability of the product.

Quality adapted to world standards.

We work in more than 20 countries on all continents, either supporting our clients’ expansion or providing solutions to international companies.

We adapt to the approvals, regulations and requirements of each country in terms of safety and the environment, proposing practical solutions that quickly return our clients’ investment.

We have flame retardant, anti-mite, anti-bug, recycled fabrics (SEAQUALâ„¢), vegan products, etc.

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